Happy Friday

Watermelon Cookies

Happy Friday everyone! It is a beautiful summer day here in Boston, and I wanted to end the week with some delicious-looking watermelon-shaped cookies. To find the full recipe and directions, please visit thatswhatchesaid.net. Have a wonderful weekend and happy … Continue reading


Pignoli Cookies

My Daily Pastry - Pignoli Cookies

These cookies were delicious! I’m so glad I didn’t add any other sugar, since the almond paste and the coconut already are sweet. The first time I baked it, I didn’t have a food processor, and they came out liquidy. … Continue reading


Red Velvet Polka Dot Cookies (aka Chocolate Cookies with White Chips)

My Daily Pastry - Chocolate Cookie with White Chips

Well, mine weren’t really red velvet – more like red velvet without the red! I ran out of red food coloring, but everything else about this cookie is red velvety! They tasted just as delicious. Ingredients: 1/2 cup (1 stick) … Continue reading


Coconut, Pecan, and Oatmeal Drop Cookies

My Daily Pastry - Oatmeal, Pecan, and Coconut Drop Cookies

I usually always make cookies with chocolate chips (I love Love LOVE chocolate!), so I’ve been trying to experiment with non-chocolate cookies! Coconut and oatmeal seemed like an interesting combination, and there were also pecans in the recipe, which I … Continue reading


Clear Flour Bakery

My Daily Pastry - Wheat Meal and Trail Mix cookie from Clear Flour Bakery

Wheat Meal (left) and Trail Mix cookie (right) from Clear Flour Bakery

I recently went to Clear Flour Bakery to “test out” some of their deliciousness. They’re an interesting bakery, in that, they are located in a small bakery, hidden away literally on the border of the town of Brookline and Allston. It’s not a bakery that you would discover while just passing by, you need to be looking for it. But it’s absolutely delicious and so worth seeking it out!

I tried out the Wheat Meal Cookie and the Trail Mix Cookie – I’ve been especially interested in bakeries that produce “healthy” baked goods, so I was eager to try the Wheat Meal cookie. I loved the cookie – it had the texture that I expected of wheat meal, and was still sweet enough to be called a dessert. I love crunchy cookies, and it was very crisp and yummy! It wasn’t loaded with butter, so I didn’t feel like I needed to immediately wash my hands upon consuming. $2 seemed an ok price for the cookie.

The Trail Mix Cookie was absolutely delicious! I’d definitely say I’d prefer this one to the wheat meal, but mostly because it had chocolate in it, and I’m obsessed with chocolate…It was a massive cookie (hard to tell in the photo), and was only $2.50! It would definitely be enough to split among 2 people, probably even 3. It had chocolate chips, oats, dried cranberries, and almonds in it. A true trail mix cookie. It also wasn’t dripping in butter, which was great.

Clear Flour also had some wonderful tarts that I wanted to try out – though they charge a whopping $16 for one! They weren’t single serving size, which is probably why, but I definitely want to bake some kind of tart now! They looked yummy.